Market Updates

Directly from Dexter Lyons, Portfolio Manager

Update: 06-10-24

Issachar Update: We are nearly fully invested in growth stocks with accelerating earnings and sales and raised analysts’ estimates. I sold most of our gold and silver stocks as they triggered sell stops. Gold and silver stocks are impacted mainly by the commodity’s price (gold and silver) and the company’s expected earnings. China stopped its […]

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Update: 06-03-24

Issachar Update: We are fully invested and expecting gains this week as automatic 401-k deposits get invested in the first week of every month. Most of our stocks have an AI theme, meaning they should do well if AI continues to lead the market. The AI Revolution could be bigger than the Internet Revolution, so […]

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Update: 05-28-24

Issachar Update: We are fully invested in growth stocks and expect more gains. The market is currently rewarding risk-taking, but this bull market will one day end and a bear market will dominate. Issachar actively manages risk and does not subscribe to the traditional passive buy-and-hold philosophy that most mutual funds and ETFs are mandated […]

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Update: 05-20-24

Gold and Silver Breaks Out    Issachar Update: We are fully invested and had a positive week. I expect to sell some of our slower-moving stocks to make room for more commodity-related stocks like gold and silver. Gold and silver finally had nice base breakouts on above-average volume Friday, leading the way for gold/silver stocks. This […]

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Update: 05-06-24

Patience & Stagflation    Issachar Update: Our gold, silver, and inverse 20-yr Treasury Bond ETF positions hit sell stops, so we went to cash. We are doing fine YTD and do not want to give up our gains, so I errored on caution. I follow my discipline, patiently waiting for stocks with accelerating earnings and […]

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